Milk pasteuriser Pasteur pasteurisers for sale

Risto milk pasteuriser Pasteur pasteurisers for sale

Risto plate pasteuriser (rapid heating) incl. built-in feed-tank, with electric boiler,
Regulator, heat-exchange-plate as well as stainless steel hot water pump,
Electronic with approved temperature recorder and switching unit, SPS technology with inductive milk quantity capture,
Temperature control unit with digital display, heat exchanger plates, stainless steel product pumps for the extraction
of the milk from the included balance tank and extraction through the plate cooler,
or the second pump due to predicted pressure rise..

Switching valve with position feedback, alarm system with optical and acoustic signal
incl. event monitoring on the line recorder.

Electromagnetic milk yield measurement with digital display, flow and return flow .

The SPS system records the alarm events..

The plate cooler and/or the heat maintenance consist of the following sections:

1.Regenerative section package against hot product
2.Heating section package on 74 to 95 degrees celsius against hot water, heated by the installed electric boiler
3.Heat maintenance pipes, with an average heat maintenance time of around 20 seconds.
4.Regenerative cooling with cool milk.
5.After-cooling section with icy water

End plates and intermediate plates, as well as all metal parts of the device are made from stainless steel.
Stainless steel electric switch cabinet.
Hourly output depending on the design, from 200 litres to 5000 litres.

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The hourly input of a PA-1250 device is 1250 litres of drinkable milk.

Dimensions: length 2400, width 900, height 2200 MM
Weight: 650 kg.
Pipe connections: product entry point DN25 with butterfly valve, product exit point DN25,
Icy water supply DN 25,
Cold-hot water DN 25
Compressed air 1/2" 8 Bar 125 NI/Min

PAR-500 (Liter / h)
PAR-1000 (Liter / h)
PAR-1250 (Liter / h)
PAR-1500 (Liter / h)
PAR-2000 (Liter / h)
PAR-3000 (Liter / h)
PAR-5000 (Liter / h)
All prices plus VAT

Milk pasteurisers ZIP / cleaning plants / stack cleaners for sale

Stack cleaner from stainless steel, with gravitation flow to the Pasteur,
manually switched, consisting from 2 containers, as well as lye and acid containers isolated with 2 x 7.5 kW
electric heating with thermostat as well as various valves and a concentration indicator,
Connecting pipe systems from the stack cleaner to the Pasteur.

ZIP / Reinigungsanlage
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