New Serap / Serap milk tanks / Milk cooling tanks model First.SE

The Serap milk cooling tank Model First.SE

New milk tank with RAINBOW control unit

Features Milk tank / Milk cooling tank


- Available from 900 liters to 30,000 liters capacity
- Milk cooling tanks with direct evaporation
- Power: 2, 4 and 6 milkings
- Automatic cleaning in time or reverse rotation
- Highly effective insulation made of polyurethane spray foam to ensure an exceptional isotherm
- Laser welded evaporator for fast and continuous cooling of all milk cards
- Control: RAINBOW with microcontroller
- From model First 7000.SE with 2 agitators and from First 21000.SE with 3 agitators (up to 7000.SE with 1 agitator)
- Round manhole 500mm
- Meets ISO 5708 and EN ISO 13732 standards
- Erfüllt die geltenden Europäischen Richtlinien

RAINBOW control:

The milk cooling tank is equipped with a RAINBOW tank control. The new Rainbow cleaning system ensures efficient cleaning with a patented spray system. The cleaning times have been optimized and improved in line with the use of automatic milking systems (AMS). An integrated microprocessor stores data such as milk and cleaning temperature, Power interruptions u. a. Events for a period of at least 3 months.
It is an intuitive touch screen. The control is suitable for milking parlor or milking robot. Control of cooling, cleaning and stirring is easier. Very easily visible parameters, such as display of the code and its description. Windows application for the PC to quickly query the most important functions.

Main tasks of the milk tank control:

1. Control of the cooling process
2. Control of the cleaning process
3. Control of stirring
4. Monitoring and registration of temperatures


Delayed start of the first milking. It is possible to display 2 setpoints for the temperature. You have the possibility of hypothermia. The cooling capacity can be adapted to the cooled milk volume.

1. Cooling units with hermetic compressor 2. Cooling capacity according to the ISO 3. Scroll refrigeration units with low power consumption 4. shut-off valve of the refrigerant at standstill of the condenser 5. Cooling regulation by thermostatic expansion valve. Optionally available:
- Compact version up to 2x6 hp
- With separate condensers and tank-mounted compressor   from 2x6.5 hp to 2x10 hp
- With separate cooling units
- Without refrigeration unit
- Coolant R 404A
style="padding:5px; font-size:12px;" valign="top" Cleaning:
The new Rainbow cleaning system ensures efficient cleaning with a patented spray system (baffle plate). The cleaning times have been optimized to adapt to the use of automatic milking systems (AMS).

The rainbow control is equipped with two dosing pumps for the automatic dosing of the cleaning agents. The amounts to be dosed are adjustable, the switching between alkaline and acidic cleaning agent is adjustable.

Agitator and homogenization:
A slowly running stirrer motor with approx. 25 rpm. Cyclic automatic stirring is programmable. Homogenization of the milk fat takes place within 2 minutes according to standard ISO 5708.

Connection to the milking robot possible:
With robotic milking, the cows can be milked all day (24 hours), which gives a constant milk flow to the milk cooling tank.
The rainbow control is equipped with an interface for direct connection to a milking robot. When using an intermediate tank, the milk is sent there as long as the milk cooling tank is emptied and cleaned. If no intermediate tank is used, the robot is switched off during emptying and cleaning of the milk cooling tank. For this, the rainbow controller sends commands to the robot.
After successful cleaning, the Rainbow controller will close the automated milk tap and cooling will start automatically. If the cleaning was not successful, a corresponding alarm message is generated.

The advantages at a glance

The ellipsoidal tank allows cooling even with small quantities of milk and thus ensures optimum cooling performance. Designed by SERAP, the refrigeration unit adapts to standard refrigeration and climate events. In the design of the cooling system in particular a simple maintenance was in the foreground, both in the cooling unit and in the components of the Rainbow cleaning system.

What is included in the price?
- Mounted RAINBOW control system with digital temperature reading
- Agitator motor (from model First 7000.SE with 2 agitators and First 21000.SE with 3 agitators)
- 3.25 "(DN80) Milk spout made of stainless steel with reduction (further threads on request)
- integrated automatic cleaning
- automatic detergent dosing
- automatic cooling start (with delay possible)
- seamless outside tank
- Direct evaporator in the soil (bottom evaporator)
- Adjustable feet with support structure for even weight distribution
- with mounted stainless steel ladder
- Dipstick holder outside of the tank
- packed in protective foil

The difference between Model O and P is: Model O has an oval design and model P a round design..

Model Capacity litres Heigth in mm Length in mm Width in mm Price in euro
900.SE 900 1615 2200 1310 -
1100.SE 1.100 1615 2430 1310 -
1300.SE 1.300 1615 2660 1310 -
1500.SE 1.500 1735 2430 1510 -
1700.SE 1.700 1735 2610 1510 -
2060.SE 2060 1735 2895 1510 -
2500.SE 2500 1740 3285 1510 -
B3000.SE 3000 1745 3890 1510 -
2550.SE 2550 1895 2655 1790 -
3000.SE 3000 1895 2935 1790 -
3500.SE 3500 1900 3230 1790 -
4000.SE 4000 1900 3570 1790 -
4500.SE 4500 1905 3975 1790 -
5200.SE 5200 2040 3760 2010 -
6000.SE 6000 2045 4120 2010 -
7000.SE 7000 2080 4620 2010 -
8000.SE 8000 2090 5120 2010 -
9000.SE 9000 2470 4285 2310 -
10400.SE 10400 2500 4785 2310 -
12000.SE 12000 2520 5285 2310 -
15000.SE 15000 2535 6285 2310 -
18000.SE 18000 2535 6845 2310 -
21000.SE 21000 2560 7850 2310 -
24000.SE 24000 2585 8920 2310 -
27000.SE 27000 2610 9915 2310 -
30000.SE 30000 2610 10990 2310 -

Options at extra cost: Price in euro
FIRST LEVEL digitaler Messstab (ab 1100 l)-
Eichamtliche zugelassene Präzisionskalibrierung 0,5%-
Thermische Relais zum Schutz des Kompressors-
SERATEMP Wärmerückgewinnung-
Abtrennung des Reinigungswassers-
3.Pumpe für Desinfektionsmittel-
Erkennen der Position des Ablassventils (geöffnet bzw. geschlossen)-
Andere Milchablasshahngewinde auf Anfrage -
Rückschlagventil zur Untenbefüllung-
5 Meter Stromkabel-

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