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New tank cleaning system Risto - Wash 2013

The new universal tank cleaner Risto - Wash 2013 is so versatile that it would also suit your tank!

The completely new developed Risto tank cleaner has fully automatic control over the complete cooling and cleaning process of the milk cooling tank.
It is equally suitable to be used with new tanks, as well as for change or modification of existing systems.

Milk cooling functions

The Risto - Wash 2013 offers all features of a modern milk temperature control unit.
The automatic stirring, as well as two target value adjustments, cooling start delay etc. are included and are completely adjustable.
The cooling time monitoring sets off an alarm if the milk quality is compromised.

Cleaning functions

The washing time control is equipped with various rinsing programmes, as well as automatic water dosing.
Numerous surveillance functions guarantee fault-free operation.
All running times for the pump, detergent dosing and heating (if required) are freely adjustable.

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Operation / software

• Simple, approved operation control

• Software functions for cooling:
- complete milk cooling regulation with automated stirring
- Continuous stirring function
- Cooling start delay
- Target temperature changeover
- Stirrer, compressor, turning off

•Washing timer function
- Optional water dosage adjustable for time or level
- All running times for heating, pump and detergent are individually adjustable
- Adjustable heating temperature
- Detergent changeover adjustable "acidic/alkaline"

•Numerous surveillance functions:
- Cooling time
- Washing temperature
- Sensor monitoring
- Compressor running time (service)
•A simple change to the function palette is possible thanks to the "building block software"
•Visual display of active processes via LEDs

Specially developed, highly compact enclosure

•Very simple assembly

ModelPrice in Euros
Risto - Wash 20132.350,-
Risto - Wash 20182.870,-
All prices are plus VAT.
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