Specially made - milk tanks, built on a metal construction.

Milk tanks on metal construction for sale.

Do you need a tank on a construction?
We can fulfil your wishes! Custom designs are our strength!

Milk tanks rebuilt as water cooling tanks for German Armed Forces soldiers in the field.

Milk cooling tank rebuilt as an egg cooling tank - for a farmer, who transports eggs to a large bakery.

In the case of one farmer, the ready to connect milk tank did not fit into his milk chamber.

Special design for an already existing trailer.

One customer collects milk from small scale farms. (The tank will be rebuilt into a 3.5 tonne lorry)

We build all Müller and Serap milk tanks to suit the customer's requirements.

Do you require only one tank on a framework? (no problem!)
Do you require one tank on a framework with a cleaning system? (no problem!)
Do you require a tank on a framework with cleaning and a refrigeration unit - ready to connect? (no problem!)
Tell us your requirements, and we will help you.

Prices upon request.
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