Plate cooler, Plate exchanger, Heat exchanger, Plate heat exchanger

Plate cooler (Plate exchanger, heat exchanger)

Precooling assures quality and reduces energy costs!

Rapid cooling assures milk quality

Rapid cooling of the milk by the plate heat exchanger assures quality, as the storage temperature is reached faster. The growth of bacteria in the milk is slowed by the heat exchanger. It is cheaper to cool the milk with a plate exchanger in advance before it enters the cooling tank. The heat exchanger is supplied with well water or tap water. To ensure quality, both precooling and storage cooling have to work in the best possible way. Advance cooling in the plate exchanger depends on the ratio of water to milk flow. You can reach optimum precooling at the plate coolers with at ratio to approx. 2.5 : 1.

Precooling saves energy

Precooling of the milk with the plate heat exchanger saves energy during following cooling in the cool tank, as the milk enters the cool tank at a lower temperature. Cooling the milk can save up to 60 percent energy costs, if you acquire a properly sized plate Cooler by Risto. Risto offers several plate coolers to provide for each company the best possible solution : plate coolers in six different sizes. Depending on the amount you want to spend, you can choose an efficient plate cooler with 55 plates - with a stainless steel frame.

A Risto plate exchanger with a stainless steel frame is a permanent precooler, that does not corrode and is easy to clean. The heat exchanger can be easily and quickly opened and precisely closed again by using the clip-on seals. This also facilitates maintenance in comparison to other providers, such as Alfa laval (according to our opinion). The special construction of the seals prevents effectively the mixing of milk and cooling water.

- Completely out of stainless steel
- extra hygienic
- solid frame
- solid hanger
- suitable up to 8 Bar

- plates are easily replaceable without glueing
- more hygienic than glued designs (as those of Alfa Laval)
- established standard in the diary industry
- special plate design with high effective turbulence
- plate design according to USA 3A Sanitary Norm
- high cooling capacity by very appropriate heat exchanger
- excellent cleaning of the plates
- suitable for well water.
  any water labelled "suitable as drinking-water for livestock" can be used!

- water entry / oulet 1′′
- milk entry / outlet 28mm (smooth tube)

Amount Plates Milk flow L/h Water flow L/h Price in euros
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